Roses, pot plants, and the ever more popular Mediterranean plants are valuable and must be protected in winter, otherwise they will freeze or dry out. The extremely low temperatures of recent winters, along with vast fluctuations in temperature, mean that plants not only require protection against the cold, the wind, and the sun’s rays, but also need to be watered frequently during mild periods. Only our covers feature a second zip which allows you to conveniently open and close the wrapping from above for watering. Only our covers feature a pyramid shape ranging up to an XXL size, and with good reason: if you open the long zip, the cover can be placed around the plant like a cloak. The tip of our cover is supported by a bamboo cane, and ensures that no snow can build up. The wide drawstring channel makes sealing the covers a thing of ease even in the very large sizes, and the wide flap at the bottom ensures that rain water doesn’t run under the pots or into the insulation above the roots and freeze.

Alongside our plant covers, we also offer pot covers, which are just as convenient to install. These covers protect all pot plants, and are also ideal for protecting the stems and roots of bedding plants. They can simply be positioned like a collar and closed with a zip.

The combination of plant covers and pot covers makes it possible to protect plants of up to 5 metres in height.

Our winter protection range is rounded off with our heating cables. In combination with our covers, these cables make it possible to get even extremely cold-sensitive plants and palm trees 100% safely through the winter.