Dittmann GmbH was founded in 1996 in the Franconian town of Fuchsstadt by Horst Dittmann, and is a production and distribution company with global operations. Its customers include numerous major European discounters and wholesalers. As a major trading company with many years’ experience in the Asian import business, Dittmann GmbH is a high-performance partner to many companies in Europe.

In 2010, a happy chance brought together horticultural passion, our sense of innovation, and a promising patent. The result, after intensive detailed work by a team that is satisfied only when a product is perfect in every regard, is our winter protection programme. With it, we have added a green department to our company, and have already enjoyed considerable success during our first business year in this sector. The trade professionals at the GAFA and IPM trade fairs confirmed to us that our covers are a unique concept that is unrivalled in its practical application.

We have now gained many satisfied customers, and feedback from consumers that has been uniformly positive, and in some cases downright glowing.


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